If you are interested in volunteering at the allotment, we will be setting up various working parties to help to keep the allotment safe and tidy and we would appreciate your help.

Please contact us at for further information.

Albemarle Community Food Project

Do you want to be outdoors, join a great group of volunteers, and help address food poverty?

If so, why don’t you join us at Albemarle Allotments.

We have monthly volunteer sessions growing fresh veg for local food charities.

If you want more information please ring:

Or email Albemarle Allotments at

We’d love you to join us!

You can find us here:

One of the organisations we have supported is the Quids In Food Clubs at Burnage, Chorlton and Withington.

The volunteer-run Quids In shops support households struggling to cope with feeding their families. They offer a choice of food worth up to £15 for just a £3 membership fee.

Our produce supplements the food available at the shop.

More information about Quids In can be found on their Facebook page