Albemarle Allotment Association Constitution

1) The name of the Association shall be The Albemarle Allotment
2) The vision for the Association is that Albemarle Allotments is a place
where we can all grow our crops and where we can share the pleasures of
gardening for the benefit of our community.
3) The Association shall aim to:
a) stimulate interest in and encourage a commitment towards horticulture
in allotments.
b) purchase supplies for the use of the members.
c) foster the interests of its members.
d) advocate the benefits of environmentally sustainable allotment
e) foster good relations with residential neighbours and local statutory and
non-statutory bodies.
4) In pursuit of these objectives, the Association shall be non-political, non-sectarian
and non-discriminatory.
5) The membership of the Association shall be every tenant of a plot and
every registered co-worker of a plot provided that there shall be no more
than two members per plot or part plot.
6) The Association shall operate though:
a) the Annual General Meeting
b) Extraordinary General Meetings
c) the Management Committee
7) The Annual General Meeting shall be called to:
a) approve the Annual Report and Accounts
b) elect members of the Management Committee
c) discuss matters of interest to the Association.
8) Not more than fifteen months shall elapse between Annual General
Meetings except in exceptional circumstances.
9) The Annual General Meeting shall conduct its business, whatever the
number of members present, and shall be duly minuted. Resolutions shall
require a simple majority of those voting.
10) The Committee shall implement the decisions taken by the Annual
General Meeting, and undertake any actions or activities which are
conducive to the furtherance of the Association’s objectives. It shall consist
of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 14 members, elected by a majority
vote at the Annual General Meeting.
11) The Committee will appoint a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and such
other officers as it needs. These may change from meeting to meeting.
The Committee can set up sub groups which contain non Committee
members and set out the limits of what each sub group can do.
12) The Committee will make sure that records of its decisions are kept and
available to members.
13) The Committee will use the membership fees to purchase appropriate
insurance for the Association.
14) The Committee will act as agents of the Council with regard to Tenancies
and Lettings.
15) Committee members shall be elected for a one-year term of office and
shall normally be eligible for re-election. The Committee shall co-opt a
member to fill any casual vacancy for the remainder of the Committee’s
term of office.
16) Decisions taken by the Committee shall be valid only when at least fifty per
cent of the Committee members are present at the meeting and when
those decisions attract a majority vote. In the event of an equality of votes,
the status quo shall remain.
17) Only if a resolution to do so is passed, shall the present Constitution be
altered or the Association be dissolved; this must be by a majority vote of
at least two-thirds of the members voting at an Extraordinary General
18) This Constitution was adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held
on 3rd July 2021.